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Gilberto Oliva Reserva Noir

$109.99 $130.00
Gilberto Oliva Reserva Noir is one of the newest products of Oliva. After its launch, it got the 'Best Buy award in 2018. The award is for its...



Gilberto Oliva Reserva Noir is one of the newest products of Oliva. After its launch, it got the 'Best Buy award in 2018. The award is for its high-quality ingredients at such an attractive price.

The main flavor of this cigar is nuts, dark chocolate, earth, and leather. It is also a medium-strong and full-bodied cigar.

Brand and production

The olive brand makes this Gilberto Oliva Reserva Noir cigar. They produced this cigar in Nicaragua. On their Tabacalera Oliva factory.


Noir is a toro-shaped 6inch by 50ring gauge cigar stick. This cigar comes in a dark chocolate color wrapper and looks a little bit oily. On-body, there is a black and golden color band perfectly matched with the cigar. Also, we got some lovely textures on the body.

Build quality

Build quality seems great. Some sponginess’ seen on the body. Nicaraguan long-fillers and Honduran binder are used in this cigar. All ingredients blended perfectly and were strongly hugged by a Honduran binder. 


The Honduran Jamastran wrapper used in this cigar, it holds all the elements together perfectly. The wrapper is a little bit oily and dark milk chocolate color. We didn't see many veins on the body. Also, This wrapper keeps the end cap neat and well shielded.


The wrapper smells sweety, feels like a milk chocolate flavor, and feels the earthy aroma appears all over the background.

Begging portion

The first draw gives us a very good smoke output. It feels like black pepper and woody flavor coming strongly. Also, we got mild coffee and cinnamon flavor mixing with the others perfectly. But feel the creaminess all over the smoke.

Middle portion

On this portion, the earthy bark notes and black pepper mix give us a roasted flavor. Cinnamon still strongly appears here and helps the spice to make the smoke fantastic.

Bottom portion

Here flavor shifted a little bit. Leather and cedar are added here from no were, and these give the smoke a huge boost. Also, the pepper and chocolate flavors were coming nicely. All these maintain the medium-strong flavor perfectly.


The burn was absolutely incredible. It was razor sharped, and we didn't need any touch-ups. Ash was solid but curved a little bit.


The construction of this cigar is top class. It made the burn great, and smoke output was coming smoothly. Also, flavors are coming on the tongue nicely. All these things make this cigar outstanding. It was an excellent smoke for any smoke lover. 



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