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Alec Bradley Coyol

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Alec Bradley Coyol is a unique cigar as it is made with a rare tobacco leaf known as Coyol. This tobacco leaf is from the El Corojo plant,...



Alec Bradley Coyol is a unique cigar as it is made with a rare tobacco leaf known as Coyol. This tobacco leaf is from the El Corojo plant, and it is known for its strong, earthy flavor. The Alec Bradley Coyol cigar has a medium-bodied flavor with pepper and cedar notes. It is a well-rounded cigar that is perfect for any occasion.


Shapes Gordo, Lancero, Lancero/Panatela, Robusto, Toro

Flavor Strong

Wrapper Honduran

Origin Honduras

Branding and Production

Alec Bradley Cigars, a well-known company that produces and sells cigars, announced in early 2018 that they would be releasing a new line of cigars called the Coyol. The Coyol is set to be released in the late summer of 2018 and will be made up of six different vitolas. Cigar enthusiasts have highly anticipated this new line due to the unique and interesting blend of tobacco that is being used for it.

What makes the tobacco in the Coyol so unique is the fact that it is a hybrid of two different types of tobacco: Corojo and Seco Cubano. These two types of tobacco are typically grown in different parts of the world, so blending them together is something that has never been done before. This unusual combination is said to produce a flavor profile that is both complex and flavorful.

Alec Bradley Coyol cigars are made in Honduras with a blend of Nicaraguan and Honduran tobacco. The Coyol is a wrapper leaf that is grown in the Trojes region of Honduras. This cigar has a medium-full body and a rich, earthy flavor.

Build Quality

Alec Bradley Coyol is a cigar that was released in 2009. It is made in Honduras and has an Ecuadorian Maduro wrapper. It has a filler of Nicaraguan, Honduran, and Dominican tobacco. The cigars are packaged in boxes of 20 and come with a certificate of authenticity.


In the cigar world, there are many shapes and sizes to choose from. But what do they all mean? Here is a breakdown of each shape and its corresponding size.

The Gordo is the largest shape, typically measuring 6 inches long with a ring gauge of 60. The Lancero is next in size, measuring 7 inches long with a ring gauge of 38. The Lancero Panatela is then smaller still, measuring 6 1/2 inches long with a ring gauge of 34. The Robusto is next, measuring 5 inches long with a ring gauge of 50. The Toro is the next size up, measuring 6 inches long with a ring gauge of 52. And finally, the smallest shape is the Petit Corona which measures 4 1/2 inches long with a ring gauge of 42.


In the cigar world, wrapper leaf is king. It's the first and last thing you taste, and it can make or break a cigar. So when it comes to Honduran wrapper leaf, the stakes are high.

The best Honduran wrapper leaf comes from the Jamastran Valley, which is located in the country's northwest. The valley's rich soil and perfect climate create the ideal conditions for growing tobacco. The Jamastran Valley has been producing high-quality tobacco for centuries, and today it's home to some of the world's best cigar brands.

The Honduran wrapper leaf is prized for its flavor and aroma. It has a sweet, spicy flavor that pairs well with a variety of tobaccos. And because of its dark color, the Honduran wrapper leaf adds a lot of visual appeal to cigars.


Coyol is a type of tobacco that is grown in Honduras. It is very pungent tobacco and has a strong flavor. Coyol is used to make cigars and is considered to be high-quality tobacco.


The Alec Bradley Coyol is a great cigar that will provide you with a great smoking experience. It has a nice flavor and a good draw, and it's made with high-quality tobacco. I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a great cigar to smoke.



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