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Asylum 13

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Asylum 13 cigars are a unique and complex smoke. They are made in Esteli, Nicaragua, at the Plasencia Cigar Factory. The blend is a secret, but it is...



Asylum 13 cigars are a unique and complex smoke. They are made in Esteli, Nicaragua, at the Plasencia Cigar Factory. The blend is a secret, but it is known that the filler is a mix of Nicaraguan and Honduran tobacco. The binder is also a secret but is reported to be a Brazilian Mata Fina leaf. The wrapper is an Ecuadorian Habano.

These cigars are medium to full-bodied with rich and complex flavors.


Shapes Gordo, Lancero/Panatela, Robusto

Wrapper Habano

Origin Honduras

Flavor Full-bodied with rich and complex flavors

Branding and Production 

Asylum is a place where people can go to escape danger or persecution. In the United States, asylum is granted to people who have a credible fear of returning to their home country because of safety concerns. There are several types of asylum, including political asylum, which is granted to persecuted people for their political beliefs or affiliation. Some asylum seekers use the asylum process to avoid deportation proceedings and gain legal status in the U.S.

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Asylum is a legal status granted to someone who cannot or will not return to their country of origin. It can be granted to refugees, asylees, and other persons in danger because of their political views or membership in a particular social group. The United States has been a leader in providing asylum to people worldwide, and it remains one of the most popular forms of protection.


The Asylum cigar is designed in 4 shapes, Gordo, Lancero Panatela, Robusto, and Toro. The reason for the different shapes is to allow the smoker to find the perfect smoke for their taste. The Asylum cigar is made with Nicaraguan filler and wrapper. The tobacco is aged for three years before it is used in the cigars.


The Asylum cigar is wrapped in a Habano wrapper. The tobacco is grown in the rich soils of Nicaragua. The leaves are then hand-rolled by experienced toreadors. The cigar is medium to full-bodied, with a rich flavor and notes of coffee and chocolate.


The Asylum 13 cigar is a Nicaraguan puro made entirely of tobacco. The cigars are blended by AJ Fernandez, who is known for his masterful use of Nicaraguan tobaccos. The cigars are medium to full in body, with rich and complex flavors that include cocoa, coffee, and pepper. The construction is excellent, and the cigars burn evenly and smoothly.


Asylum 13 is a great place to visit for those who love haunted houses. The scares are well-executed, and the staff is passionate about what they do. I would highly recommend this attraction to anyone looking for a good scare.



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