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Oliva Serie 'O'

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Oliva Serie 'O' is a classic blend cigar of Oliva. After the release in 2005, this cigar was listed on the chart of the top 50 cigars and...



Oliva Serie 'O' is a classic blend cigar of Oliva. After the release in 2005, this cigar was listed on the chart of the top 50 cigars and scored 94 ratings. It is filled with multiple ingredients, which provide rich flavors and smooth smoke. The core flavors of this cigar are coffee, tobacco, spice, and cedar.

Brand and production

Oliva Serie 'O' a finest cigar of Oliva brand. It made at the Tabacalera Oliva factory in Estelí, Nicaragua.


Serie 'O' is a 6inch by 50ring gauge toro-shaped cigar stick. It's a chocolate brown color cigar. The body of the cigar is rounded, and there are some textures on the surface. The glossy golden band on the Serie 'O' looks classic and matched well.

Build quality

As Oliva built, they never compromised in the construction. They used Nicaraguan long-leaf fillers and binder in this cigar. The Nicaraguan puro blended well and hand-rolled perfectly. Also, the binder hugged the ingredients well.


To build this finest cigar, they used Sun grown Habano seed wrapper. Its solid wrapper holds the ingredients and keeps the shape of the cigar very well. The wrapper is a bit dark to see the veins, and we didn't find much sponginess’ on the body.


The wrapper scents like sweet coffee and barnyard. The cold draw was nice and not much tight; no pressure was felt during the smoke.

Begging portion

Smoking on this medium-bodied cigar, we got really good coffee and pepper flavor coming on our tongue. Also, we got a natural tobacco flavor here; it's coming bold and seems it is the main flavor here. Also, a nice sweet aroma was appearing in the background.

Middle portion

Here are some flavors added with the coffee and pepper. We got lots of pepper spice and leather here, coming on the tongue nicely. A sweet aroma is still there in the background. 

Bottom portion

Flavors get bold and medium portion to portion. In the last third, the chocolate flavor appears all around boldly. With the chocolate, there was still pepper, coffee, and natural tobacco. These mixed well and finished with a very good smoke. 


The burn was great; no touchup was needed. Ash was coming straight and solid. It indicates a perfect rolled cigar.


The rich flavor profile of this cigar makes it more interesting to us. We have seen many cons to this cigar. Draw output and the smoke time of this cigar were great. We got excellent quality throughout. 



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