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Perdomo 2 'Mistakes'

$94.99 $190.00
This cigar has a story behind its name. When it was released, it had a mix-up in order, which led to the half price of this cigar. It...



This cigar has a story behind its name. When it was released, it had a mix-up in order, which led to the half price of this cigar. It became so popular that Cigar International started making this cigar professionally. 

Brand and production: This cigar is made by Perdomo company in Nicaragua and distributed by Tabacalera Perdomo worldwide. 

Build quality

The appearance of the cigar is Cameroon color. It is firm and solid. There is no gap in the rolling of the cigar. The veins are minimal, and the seams are invisible. The surface of the cigar is a little toothy. The Binder and the filler of this cigar is Nicaraguan tobacco leaf. 


The wrapper of this cigar gives it the Cameroon color of this cigar. It is Cameroon Habano Maduro tobacco leaf. 


This cigar comes in Milenario shape. It is 6.5 inches in length and 55 ring size. 


The allover tastes to get from the cigar are nuts, cedar, and coffee, Nicaraguan leaf, cocoa, and pepper. 

Beginning portion

At first, the cigar is very creamy. There is a hint of cocoa and cider. There is a bit of pepper flavor coming. The sweetness of this cigar is charming. There is a little bit of coffee also coming. The aroma is great. The range at this portion of the cigar is medium body. 

Middle portion

At this part, the flavor starts to change a little bit. The new flavor that comes in the front is nut flavor. The coffee flavor stays there, developing itself in volume. The pepper flavor stays consistent. Sweet cider and cocoa flavors become mild. The range at this point is medium. 

Bottom portion

This portion really deepens the flavors pretty much. There is a large volume of earth and tobacco flavor. You will definitely feel the Nicaraguan tobacco. The pepper flavor stays there. The cocoa, cider, and coffee die. The range at this portion is full body. 


The burn of this cigar is a little funky, but it is acceptable. The burn line is not that shape. The draw of this cigar is very loose. Smoke and ash stay smooth. The smoke is thick and rich. 


Although this cigar was made by mistake, don't underestimate it. This cigar has the same Nicaraguan tobacco leaf as Perdomo 2 but at half price. The sweetness and balance of tones will melt every cigar lover's heart. 



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