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Rocky Patel Catch Twenty-Two

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Rocky Patel Catch Twenty-Two is a cigar that has two distinct characteristics: it is an excellent cigar, and it is manufactured by Rocky Patel. The cigars are made...



Rocky Patel Catch Twenty-Two is a cigar that has two distinct characteristics: it is an excellent cigar, and it is manufactured by Rocky Patel. The cigars are made from aged Nicaraguan long-filler tobacco that is wrapped with a Honduran binder and then rolled in a Nicaraguan wrapper. The cigars offer complex flavors of spice, coffee, cocoa, and barrel oak.

Brand and Production

A cigar manufactured in Honduras is a good choice for a smoke, but many have been misled by the brand's flashy marketing. In the market of cigars, brands are important. They convey an ethos and set a standard for quality. However, sometimes this standard is undermined due to the company's use of less-than-honest business practices.

If you're looking for a quality cigar, then inhaling the rich, aromatic smoke of Rocky Patel cigars is one of the best ways to enjoy your favorite brand. The company began in 1996 and has grown into one of the world's most trusted names in premium cigars since. The popularity of their cigars continues to grow because they are produced with care by master craftsmen with years of experience.

Build quality

Rocky Patel Catch Twenty-Two is the perfect example of the rise in the quality of handmade cigars. They are made using time-tested techniques with a focus on consistency, flavor, and aroma. Cigars are made from tobacco grown on family farms. Quality control expert Rudy Gutierrez meets with each farmer twice a year to ensure that high standards are being met.


Cigars are a man's vice and one that has been popular for centuries. The origins of cigars can be dated back to the 16th century, and 1526 is remembered as the year that cigars were first introduced to the Western world. The Dominican Republic, Cuba, Honduras, Nicaragua and Mexico are all well-known producers of cigars. Cigars come in many varieties, such as mild cigars for those who prefer a lighter smoke or strong cigar for those who like a stronger flavor.


Rocky Patel Catch Twenty-Two is a cigar with two different wrappers. The first one is made of Connecticut Shade grown wrapper, and the second is made of San Andres Maduro grown wrapper. Rocky has promised that both wrappers are of high quality, but he is using the wrapper that will give the cigar the best flavor profile for the particular blend on that day. As a result, there are two different blends for this cigar.

It goes without saying that there have been some skeptics out there after hearing the particulars of this cigar and how it's being marketed to current smokers.


Rocky Patel Catch Twenty-Two is a cigar created in 2009 by the manufacturer to be a follow-up to the original Rocky Patel Catch 22. The cigar is made with a Nicaraguan Corojo wrapper, which makes for a smooth and mellow flavor, and it is finished off with a Nicaragua binder and filler tobaccos.


Even though Rocky Patel cigars are Nicaraguan-Dominican blends, rocky has created a light enough cigar for any smoker. The Rocky Patel Catch 22 is the perfect balance of taste and strength.


It would be safe to say that Catch Twenty-Two is a very satisfying cigar for those who want something mild, but the price may not be worth the taste.

Rocky Patel cigars are known for their quality and premium flavor, but with Catch Twenty-Two, you might not enjoy the taste as much as you would with Rocky's other cigars.



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