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Rocky Patel LB1

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Rocky Patel is a premium cigar brand with a wide range of products for all levels of cigar enthusiasts.  The company was founded in 2003 by Hamid and...



Rocky Patel is a premium cigar brand with a wide range of products for all levels of cigar enthusiasts. 

The company was founded in 2003 by Hamid and Alex Patel, but Rocky Patel has been a part of the family business for four decades. Rocky Patel specializes in making cigars with a Nicaraguan filler, but they also make cigars from Dominican, Honduran, and Mexican filler. The cigars are hand-rolled and made in the Dominican Republic.

Brand and Production

The Rocky Patel LB1 is an exciting new cigar for the 2018 release. This cigar has been crafted in Nicaragua, and this is its first release. The Rocky Patel LB1 uses a dark Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper that gives it a spicy flavor with notes of coffee, cedar, and pepper. The filler is Nicaraguan tobaccos with Dominican binder leaf. It's sure to be a hit for Rocky Patel fans.

Build quality

The Rocky Patel LB1 is a beautiful cigar that boasts the best of Nicaraguan tobacco. The wrapper, binder, and filler are top-quality tobaccos that deliver an excellent flavor profile. While this cigar is not necessarily inexpensive, it will provide an amazing experience for anyone looking for cigars of incredibly high quality. The Rocky Patel LB1 is a favorite in many lounges because its exquisite taste and superb construction make it worth every penny.


Rocky Patel LB1 is one of the most sought-after cigars in the world. This cigar takes its name from Rocky's daughter, Lali, and the initials of his partner, Abe Dababneh. The cigars are sold in boxes of ten cigars each and come with a number of accessories. The box inside contains 10 cigars in it; they are all different sizes and shapes.


The Rocky Patel LB1 is a Robusto that will not disappoint you. From the moment you light it to the time you finish it, this cigar delivers. The Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper gives this cigar its perfect balance of flavor and strength.


In today's world of flavor, there are a lot of brands that give off a strong aroma. A company that is well-known for its flavorful cigars is Rocky Patel. In fact, there is even a cigar that he named after himself: the Rocky Patel LB1. The flavor in these cigars is very rich and robust, consisting of deep earthy notes with hints of sweet pepper spice and citrus fruits.


Rocky Patel is an amazing cigar company that produces cigars for serious smokers. Their cigars are made with only the finest of Dominican tobacco, and they come in an array of flavors. They've got flavorful cigars like Sumatra, Connecticut Shade, and Brazilian Mata Fina for beginners, as well as the powerhouse, smokes like Nicaraguan Puros Indios and Rocky 50th Anniversary.


Rocky Patel cigars offer a flavorful and affordable way to enjoy the rich flavor of cigars.

The Rockies are a great way to introduce your friends and family who may not be cigar enthusiasts yet. They're also a good gift for new dads, golfers, or budding entrepreneurs. With their variety of blends and sizes, there is something for everyone!



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