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Rocky Patel R4 - Maduro

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Rocky Patel R4 Maduro cigars are an original blend of Nicaraguan Habano and Dominican Criollo tobacco, encased in a dark, oily wrapper. This full-bodied cigar has notes of...



Rocky Patel R4 Maduro cigars are an original blend of Nicaraguan Habano and Dominican Criollo tobacco, encased in a dark, oily wrapper. This full-bodied cigar has notes of coffee, earth, and cocoa beans with hints of pepper that intensify to the finish. It is perfect for those who like cigar complexity.


Shapes:     Robusto, Toro
Wrapper: Connecticut Broadleaf
Origin:      Honduras

Brand and Production

Rocky Patel R4 cigars are some of the most well-respected on the market today, with a decades-long legacy of quality and consistency. They are expertly blended with carefully selected Cuban binders, Dominican Corojo Ligero, and Nicaraguan Habano wrappers. Rocky Patel cigars are available in three popular sizes: the R2 (5 inches), the R3 (6 inches), and the 4 inches by 54 ring gauge R4 Maduro.

The R4 Maduro from Rocky Patel is a limited edition cigar that comes in 20-count boxes of 10 packaged cigars. They are available for retailers and consumers to order now, with the first release of the cigars going on sale on September 30th.

The Rocky Patel R4 Maduro is a limited edition cigar made by one of America's most prolific cigar makers.

Build quality

The Rocky Patel R4 is a mild-to-medium-bodied cigar with a complex and rich profile. This robust features a Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper, Dominican and Nicaraguan filler tobaccos, and a Honduran binder. Made in the Rocky Patel factory in Honduras, this cigar is made with quality in mind.


Design is about more than aesthetics. It is a tool for communication, and it can be used as a means to convey a myriad of emotions, stories, and ideas. Rocky Patel R4 - Maduro cigars embody this idea with their vivid colors and intricate labels that reveal the personality of the cigar.

The colors of the packaging offer an opportunity to make a statement as they are usually indicative of flavor profile as well as providing a glimpse into the maker's personality.


Rocky Patel R4 - Maduro is an icky light-colored Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper that Rocky Patel makes.

The smoke was very creamy and thick. It had a strong nutty taste like roasted almonds but also had hints of coffee with chocolate and raisins.

The cigar had a great draw with lots of smoke production. It burned well, and I didn't have to touch it up at all during the entire smoke.


The Rocky Patel R4 Maduro is a flavorful and well-balanced cigar. It's made with a choice blend of aged Nicaraguan tobaccos, and it has a versatile flavor that suits just about any palate. The cap is carefully crafted, and the head features an attractive triple cap. Rocky Patel R4 Maduro cigars are also rolled with tobacco leaves that have been aged for eight years, resulting in a smooth and rich taste that will satisfy even the most refined palates.


The Rocky Patel Quarter Century Robusto required some touch-ups on the approach – significantly when the primary third. These touch-ups unbroken the roll of tobacco on a straight burn path and unbroken the burn line straight; however, they needed a lot of frequency than expected. The ensuing ash was silver-gray with some dark streaks in it. This was AN ash that was on the firm aspect. As for the burn rate and burn temperature, each was ideal.


Rocky Patel Cigars is a name you can trust, and we guarantee we will give you the best prices on their cigars.

Rocky Patel, the cigar company, has been providing cigars for over 25 years, and they have earned multiple awards and accolades for their outstanding products. If you need a cigar to enjoy with your friends, Rocky Patel is the place to go.



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