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Rocky Patel The Edge Candela

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Rocky Patel The Edge is a new brand of cigars created by the famous cigar maker Rocky Patel. It is available in both Connecticut and Maduro wrappers. Candela...



Rocky Patel The Edge is a new brand of cigars created by the famous cigar maker Rocky Patel. It is available in both Connecticut and Maduro wrappers. Candela wrapper cigars are also available for those who prefer them. The cigars are made with 100% Cuban-seed Nicaraguan filler tobacco, hence the name "The Edge," referring to the edge or border of Nicaragua where the finest tobaccos are grown.


Shapes    Toro
Wrapper Candela
Origin      Honduras

Rocky Patel, The Edge Candela, is a cigar that has been in production for over ten years. It is named for the sharp and pointed shape of its head, which features a silky-smooth, toothy wrapper leaf. Only 500 boxes of this special limited-edition smoke will be available. 

There are many flavors in this cigar, such as coffee, chocolate, and cream.

Brand and Production

Every smoker needs a good cigar to enjoy with their favorite drink. Rocky Patel cigars are made from fine Dominican tobacco and come in many different varieties, such as the Edge Candela. A Rocky Patel Edge Candela is made from a Dominican-grown wrapper leaf, aged five years before being selected for this special cigar. It's hand-rolled and air-cured for at least six months and has a slightly sweet and spicy flavor.

Rocky Patel has taken over the cigar world for the past three decades. Starting his father's basement, he has grown his company to be one of the most recognized names in premium cigars. As CEO and president of Rocky Patel Premium Cigars, Inc., Rocky is proud to share that he has single-handedly created more than 700 blends so far.

Build quality

The Rocky Patel Edge Candela is a cigar with a very interesting story. Rocky Patel, the famous cigar maker, has been afraid of fire. This fear was at the root of his latest creation to find the perfect solution for this problem. The cigars are made with an edge to keep them from ever having a flame too close that would burn the cigar.


The Rocky Patel, The Edge Candela cigar, is a 5.25 x 50 Robusto, only available in the Candela wrapper. It's a medium-bodied cigar with a rich tobacco flavor, and its smooth draw makes it ideal for an after-dinner smoke.

Rocky Patel The Edge cigars are packed with spice from start to finish. In 2014, these cigars were blended by Rocky's son, Roshan Patel.


Rocky Patel The Edge is crafted with a special blend of Nicaraguan Maduro tobaccos. This cigar is produced with a Candela wrapper with an Indonesian binder. In 1997, Rocky Patel created the Edge Candela in a basement in Philadelphia. The cigar is a one-size-fits-all product that any smoker can enjoy. It has a light and sweet flavor, quick to the palate. Rocky Patel is a favorite among aficionados because of his creativity and passion for cigars.

The Edge Candela was created in 1997 by Rocky Patel in a basement in Philadelphia.


The Rocky Patel The Edge is a robust, full-flavored cigar built to be enjoyed in the evening. The Candela Flavor gives this cigar a mildly sweet finish with subtle hints of chocolate and coffee.


Unbeknownst to many, Rocky Patel's most popular cigar is not the rich and powerful Edge Maduro but the light and clean-tasting Edge Candela.

Staying true to his roots with a Dominican binder and Nicaraguan fillers, this cigar provides a mellow smoke with a sweet flavor.


This is a beautiful cigar that will be sure to please. It features an excellent draw and burn rich flavors and looks great too. It's perfect for any occasion because it can be smoked in just about any situation.

If you're looking for a cigar that you won't regret picking up, Rocky Patel The Edge Candela is the cigar for you!



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