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Rocky Patel The Edge Sumatra

$151.99 $160.00
The Rocky Patel The Edge Sumatra is a dark coffee in color. The cigar has an earthy flavor in the beginning, followed by notes of spice and cocoa,...



The Rocky Patel The Edge Sumatra is a dark coffee in color. The cigar has an earthy flavor in the beginning, followed by notes of spice and cocoa, finishing with an oakiness. This cigar is medium-bodied and finishes with a mild-medium strength level.


Shapes Toro, Torpedo
Wrapper Ecuador Sumatra
Origin Honduras

It is a medium-bodied cigar, one of the most expressive blends in the Rocky Patel portfolio. It features a blend of Ecuadorian Sumatra, Nicaraguan tobaccos, and Peruvian Sumatran tobaccos aged for six months before being opened into 10-packs. With notes of oak, roasted coffee beans, dark chocolate, cedarwood, and leather, this cigar delivers an enjoyable experience.

Brand and Production

Rocky Patel's "The Edge" Sumatra cigar is a perfect blend for any smoker.

In the cigar industry, there is a new trend on the rise. Cigar producers are starting to add an Ecuadorian wrapper to their cigars in order to distinguish themselves from their competitors. The use of this wrapper is a way for these companies to show off their tobacco skills and produce a stronger product. This practice started when Rocky Patel released his Edge Sumatra cigars in 2012. Rocky Patel added an Ecuadorian wrapper to his Edge Sumatra line of cigars in 2012.

Build Quality

Established in 1997 as an offshoot of Ram Patel's successful cigar company, Rocky Patel has been delivering quality cigars for nearly two decades. The Edge Sumatra is one of the latest additions to this well-established brand.


Rocky Patel cigars are hand-rolled in Danlí, Honduras, with the finest tobaccos from Nicaragua, Ecuador, and the Dominican Republic. Rocky Patel The Edge Sumatra is a medium spiced cigar that features a beautiful Honduran Habano wrapper which provides a sweet, toasty flavor for this medium-bodied cigar. This delicious smoke has flavors of nutmeg spice and coffee beans with hints of oak.


Rocky Patel cigars are known for their quality and distinct flavor. This cigar offers a rich blend of classic Sumatra wrappers with a Nicaraguan binder and a mixture of Nicaraguan and Dominican fillers. The Edge Sumatra is a heavy to full-bodied cigar that satisfies even the most discriminating cigar smoker. It's made of a Nicaraguan and Honduran Corojo wrapper with a Nicaraguan binder and filler.

This premium blend is available in three sizes: Robusto, Toro, and Churchill, and has received rave reviews from Cigar Aficionado for its hearty aroma and balance of sweet, spicy flavors.


It is a medium-bodied Nicaraguan blend often characterized by rich, earthy flavors. The flavor profile of The Edge Sumatra includes notes of spice, natural sweetness, and creaminess. The profile starts out with a steady tobacco flavor and gradually becomes bolder with cherry highlights.

The Edge Sumatra cigar is a complex smoke with a spicy, peppery taste intertwined with a smooth, creamy finish. A dark, oily wrapper surrounds the full-bodied blend of tobacco leaves from Brazil and Nicaragua. This blend also features an Ecuadorian binder and Dominican filler. A slow burner, this cigar delivers an even burn rate with equally good flavor from start to finish.


For those who enjoy the art of cigar rolling, there is an important process that must be followed to ensure a quality smoke - the burning process. This process determines how the cigar smokes and captures flavor and aromas. A cigar maker can intentionally or unintentionally affect this process by manipulating various factors such as the type and size of tobacco leaf, the quantity and density of tobacco in the filler, and fermentation length.


Rocky Patel The Edge Sumatra cigars are a great choice for any cigar smoker looking for a smooth, enjoyable smoke. These smokes are well-constructed and affordable in comparison to other premium brands.

Rocky Patel, The Edge Sumatra, is a well-constructed cigar that is mild with subtle notes of spice that leave the smoker feeling refreshed. Rocky Patel cigars are reasonably priced compared to other premium brands but are still high quality enough for the experienced smoker.



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