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Rocky Patel Twentieth Maduro

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The Rocky Patel Twentieth Maduro is a medium to full-bodied cigar that was introduced in the Fall of 2016. It has a dark brown, oily wrapper with a...



The Rocky Patel Twentieth Maduro is a medium to full-bodied cigar that was introduced in the Fall of 2016. It has a dark brown, oily wrapper with a very pronounced sweet and earthy flavor profile. The Twentieth Maduro has been crafted from an enhanced blend of premium Nicaraguan tobaccos, aged for five years and specially processed to get the most flavor out of it.


Shapes    Robusto, Rothschild, Toro
Wrapper  Maduro, Oscuro
Origin      Honduras

Brand and Production

It is an exceptional cigar with a rich, dark Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper. It is the perfect choice for the connoisseur who prizes flavor over strength. This Nicaraguan puro delivers an earthy yet surprisingly smooth taste with hints of cocoa and spice. Established in 2012, the Rocky Patel brand has always been known for its high-quality cigars by taking pride in its strong craftsmanship and attention to detail.

It is a cigar that's been around for a while but has recently seen an increase in popularity. Production of the cigar began back in 2004, and since then, they've grown to be one of Rocky Patel's most popular blends. The cigars are rolled and fermented for about three years, and the filler consists of tobacco from India and other parts of South America.

Build quality

Rocky Patel is well known for its flavorful cigars and is well-known in the cigar industry. When they released their Twentieth Maduro, the anticipation was great. Rocky Patel Cigars named this cigar after the 20 years of service that company founder Kiki J. Patel, MD, has given to the company. This cigar is a full-bodied cigar with a Nicaraguan Corojo wrapper and tobacco from Honduras and Nicaragua inside.


Rocky Patel Twentieth Maduro is designed in 3 shapes, Robusto, Rothschild, Toro, etc.


It is a cigar that has been made with a blend of Nicaraguan and Dominican long-fillers, with a dark Nicaraguan binder. These are encased with Maduro, Oscuro wrapper. This stick has medium to full body strength, which is great for those who enjoy rich flavors. The flavor profile of this cigar is complex but not overpowering.


The flavor is one of the most important aspects of any cigar, and Rocky Patel cigars are well-known for their delicate, smooth taste. It is one of the most popular smokes in its line, boasting a rich flavor that opens to cocoa and oak notes. This medium-bodied cigar doesn't overpower the senses but instead provides a sweet richness, making it perfect for smokers looking for something sophisticated without all the intensity.

Burning process

It is a great cigar with an even-burning full-bodied taste. It has a rich, complex flavor that all cigar enthusiasts should enjoy.



The Rocky Patel Twentieth Maduro is a well-made cigar. It has a smooth taste and a very pleasant aroma. If you enjoy the taste of Maduro cigars, this one is worth trying.

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